Valley Of Madison AASR-NMJ


The Valley of Madison will resume it's 'In-Person' Reunions starting with the 2022 Annual Spring Reunion.

The dates for the Spring Reunion are:


Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

(Degrees scheduled to be presented: 4th, 16th & 14th)

Saturday, April 30th, 2022

(Degrees scheduled to be presented: 18th, 7th, 19th & 32nd)

For more information on the Spring Reunion, please click on the Reunions tab on the left.

To register and pay for the Reunion Meals, please click on the Reunion Registration tab on the left or contact the Valley Secretary by phone at 608-215-4921 or by email at ValleyofMadisonAASR&

"We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our
   Masonic obligation to care for our members"