The Valley of Madison office has a new telephone number. The new number is 608-215-4921. This new number also accepts text messages. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PHONE CONTACT LIST!

Remember to please leave a voice message if your call is unanswered so we can get back to you. Your calls are important!


Valley Of Madison AASR-NMJ

Next Major Event Coming Up:

The Valley of Madison 2021 Fall Reunion


The Valley of Madison will be presenting our annual Fall Reunion for 2021. The reunion will be held on Wednesday, October 20th and Saturday, October 23rd at the Wisconsin Masonic Center located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Degrees scheduled to be presented next Spring are: 

Wednesday Evening: 4th, 14th & 16th

Saturday: 5th, 7th, 18th, 20th & 32nd

For more information on the Spring Reunion or to register to attend, please contact the Valley of Madison Secretary at 608-215-4921 or by email at

Meal Reservation information will be available soon!

"We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our
   Masonic obligation to care for our members"